oh, well, ok then

I spent many years trying to get my personal periodontal house in order. Having done so I have worked hard to maintain that equilibrium. I was very unhappy, then, when the maker of the proxa brush I have long used was purchased sunstarby a multinational. First they pulled the handle-and-refill system I have used so successfully off store shelves and from drugstore.com. I had to order online directly from them. Then a few months ago they discontinued the product altogether. I was seriously ticked off. It’s not like there is a wide variety of manufacturers for this kind of thing. I tried a few different products that the company had sent me — at least they were kind enough to send free samples. I settled on a small, re-usable brush with an angled handle. It seemed to work well, but I wouldn’t know for sure, of course, until I saw my dental hygienist.

I saw her for my usual visit last week. She said I was doing a really great job of maintaining things. She didn’t even ask me about my routine, which she has almost always done. My dentist said the same thing. They only asked to confirm that I was using an electric toothbrush, which, of course, I am.

I didn’t even get to complain about my long-time product being discontinued and having to find something new. The new product is obviously working better than I had expected, and, it seems, also better than my old trusted product.

Oh, well, ok then.

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