If you’re a book lover you know what a remainder is. It’s a hardcover book where the publisher has ordered too many copies, and there are still a bunch left over when the book stops selling or comes out in paperback. They are purchased by third party companies that specialize in such books and sold to the public at a fraction of their cover price.remainders

I’ve always loved remainders. In my B. Dalton days I was always buying them. More recently here in Gilroy I’ve never been much impressed by the selection at our local Barnes and Noble, but there’s always the mail order houses. My favorite is Daedalus Books, which specializes in more serious and specialty non-fiction and more literary fiction. It’s fun to place an order and get five or six hardcovers for the price of maybe two at list price.

I now read books in Kindle format, and in the e-book world there is no real concept of remainder. There are various forms of discounting of many titles, but it’s not quite the same. I love reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad, but I’ll always have a special appreciation for remainders.

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