the Sunday Times

We used to subscribe to the New York Times print edition on Saturdays and Sundays. I discontinued that some years back when the then-CEO of my company cut everyone’s pay by five percent and I cut back on a number of expenses. But Terry and I both always enjoyed it. I kept my connection with the Times by subscribing to the Sunday Book Review by mail. Coming by second class mail, it usually arrives long after the Sunday of publication, but it turns out to be the most inexpensive way to get full online access to the Times. That allows me to peruse the iPad app and to read the Sunday Book Review in my Web browser, which more closely mirrors the print version than does the iPad app.

Still, there is something special about the print edition and reading the various sections with Terry on a Sunday evening. I thought about subscribing again, but these days one carrier delivers the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. We confuse the guy enough as it is getting both the Merc and the Chronicle. I didn’t want to cause further chaos. But it occurred to me that I could stop in at our locally owned bookstore, Booksmart, in Morgan Hill after church on my way to Trader Joe’s and pick up a Sunday Times. I’ve started doing that.

Supporting our locally owned bookstore and having a Sunday Times to read. How’s that for nice?


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