the pleasure of the book business

timesThe Time of Their Lives:
The Golden Age of Great American Book Publishers, Their Editors and Authors
Al Silverman
Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: Truman Talley Books, 2008
out of print

I read this book when it first came out on my physical Kindle device. Oddly, today it is out of print and not available even in Kindle format. (Why would a book go out of print in the Kindle edition?) It is today only available as an audio book. Some time after I read the book I did see a review that suggested it was only of interest if you were in the trade. Perhaps that’s why it had a short life in print.

And perhaps it’s true that the book had a limited audience. I loved the it, but then I was in the book biz working for B. Dalton Bookseller from 1975 through 1982 and again 1986-87. I knew the publishers and the imprints, and I remember the changes and mergers described that happened in my era. I enjoyed reading about changes in the business that happened before I got there.

The book business is very different today from what it was when I was there. This book captures well much of that history and deserves to be better preserved.

At least restore the Kindle edition, please.

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