We left on vacation on 1 October, the first day of the government shutdown. My intent was to mostly stay off of Facebook while away, because I knew there would be plenty of posts on the topic, and I had no intention of letting the idiocy in Washington interfere with my enjoying my vacation.

I therefore went to the Apple App Store looking for something related to arts and culture. I discovered the app for Goodreads, which I immediately downloaded to my iPad. I signed up and joined a few discussion groups. It’s nice. I like it. Some things are more easily done from the Web site on a PC than from the iPad app, but the app is really very nicely done. It’s great for reading updates from “friends” and discussion threads, and it is very easy to add books to your “bookshelves.”

I commented on one of the discussion lists that I really didn’t need more book recommendations, since I have so many samples on my Kindle iPad app. One member responded:

I chuckled at not needing any book recommendations – many of us say that when we start, but somehow the longer we hang out here, the longer our “to read” lists get.

Another said:

Our thread on books we’ve read each month is SURE to add to your list of Books To Read! Yikes!

Yikes indeed!

Since I signed up on my iPad using the iOS app, it automatically picked up my location. Well sort of. While I was in Cambria, my location showed Grover Beach, some 48 miles south according to Google Maps. Still, Grover Beach wouldn’t be so bad. But alas, in the interest of honesty I changed the location to Gilroy when I got on to the Web site on my PC.

Gilroy and not Cambria or Grover Beach, still I’m enjoying being part of Goodreads.

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