new in the kitchen

A couple of kitchen updates.

When Terry and I have a night at the Fairmont in San Jose, we normally have a room service breakfast. We’re both tea drinkers, so we get a pot of hot water, a selection of tea bags, and a lemon. The lemon is always wrapped in a lovely yellow cloth which keeps the seeds from getting into one’s tea.

lemon-garlicFor the most part I had accepted the seeds as being the price for enjoying lemon in my tea. But it occurred to me that those things must be available for sale. I checked Amazon and came up empty. A few days later, though, I tried different search terms and came up with a number of choices. I selected the Regency Lemon Wraps, which come in a pack of 100. They arrived just as I expected, and I was surprised at how eminently reusable they are. Simply rinse one out, let it dry and it is ready to be used again. We currently have four in service, and that’s the total number we have taken out of the package so far.

About the same time the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher caught our attention when we saw it mentioned in Coastal Living magazine. Our magazines can be dangerous. We had each seen it independently and it had seemedgarlicpress like a good idea to each of us. It wasn’t that expensive, so we decided to order it. I’m glad we did. It’s very easy to use and clean. I’ve tended to be lazy about using garlic, using garlic powder rather than fresh garlic, because my old garlic press, something I’ve had since my days is Oklahoma City, is such a pain to use and clean. I’ll be using a lot more fresh garlic now, I believe.

Terry and I have so much fun in the kitchen.

One Comment on “new in the kitchen”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Thanks for the garlic crusher information. Looks helpful and easy and Dean has started using a lot of garlic. hmmm – may be time to start thinking about birthday and/or Christmas!

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