on giving directions

Do you ever wonder about what happened to those folks to whom you have given directions?

Some years ago I was filling up the car at the 76 station in Gilroy. A couple drove up and asked me how to get to Interstate 5. Interstate 5? We’re nowhere near I-5. Which is what I said. Then they mentioned Highway 152, which I know well will get you to I-5 after a drive of a little over an hour. So I told them to go down to Tenth Street and make a left. That takes one out of town and turns in to 152. Then straight on to I-5.

A couple of months ago I was out doing my walking and a couple pulled over and asked me how to get to Morgan Hill, the next town up the road. I’m not sure how they managed to get so far off the main thoroughfare, but there they were. I directed them to Monterey Highway, told them to make a left and simply keep going until they got to Morgan Hill. I thought about directing them on to the freeway, Highway 101, but I didn’t want to complicate matters unnecessarily. Monterey Highway would take them straight into downtown Morgan Hill where they could get directions to their destination easily enough.

You hope that your directions were clear and those folks aren’t still out there wandering around looking for the place they’re trying to get to.

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