our peppers

bellpepperThis has been a good year for our container garden. Terry as always has done a marvelous job of maintaining it, and the weather has cooperated. It was for the most part a mild summer, but hot enough that we actually have had tomatoes this year for the first time in a few years. True, Anaheimthey didn’t show up until August, but we’ve had a nice, steady supply since then.

Bell peppers always do well, and this year was no exception. Terry always buys what are labeled as green bell peppers, but they never seem to stay green for long. This year they’ve turned orange. That’s perfectly fine.

In the middle of the summer it hit me that I was buying chili peppers in the store and asked Terry why we weren’t growing them. She agreed that it was an omission and bought an Anaheim chili plant. It started producing in September and I’ve been using them regularly in my cooking.

I really appreciate the attention Terry pays to our container garden.

2 Comments on “our peppers”

  1. Glenn says:

    Michael, reading your cooking blog and I wondered two things: do you subscribe to Cooks Illustrated, and a do you know about Sur La table, probably the best place to order great kitchen stuff?. I got Alison a beautiful enameled cast-iron large Dutch oven, 7 qt I think – she wanted a large one.Its pre-seasoned cast iron on the inside, enamaled on the outside, with a good lid, it is all very heavy! I think it was 79 bucks on sale.
    We have two of Cook’s Illustrated cookbooks and have learned a lot from them, as well as the magazine. In reviews of prepackaged broths, they found Swanson’s the best, We often cook as a team. When we make pizza, Alison makes the dough, and when its ready I assemble the pizza.We are both fans of keeping a well stocked pantry so you can be free to use whatever ingredients are required, or strike your fancy.

    • Hi Glenn, Terry and I also believe in a well-stocked pantry. I’m familiar with Cook’s Illustrated and Alison has mentioned it. But based on what I’ve heard from folks on a couple of online cooking groups I belong to, they seem to not be pleasant people. I understand that it’s a hassle if you want to unsubscribe from their magazine or Web site. And they seem ready to hit you with a cease and desist if you merely mention one of their recipes online. Not that they don’t have quality instruction, but not sure I want to give them my money. Have heard of Sur La Table, haven’t bought anything there.

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