soup mugs

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned two of the dishes we use quite frequently at the dinner table. They are our soup mugs. When I make chili, or clam chowder, or any number of dishes in the pressure cooker that use a lot of liquid they are what I serve the meal in.

soupmugsThe reason they’re worth mentioning at all is their provenance. I was working at VeriFone in 1997. Different groups were in different locations before our move to our new building in Santa Clara in the spring of 1998. My group was in downtown Palo Alto, which I absolutely loved. Our team was small; there were about five of us. Our manager decided that we needed to have a group activity. We ended up going to one of those create your own pottery studios one Friday afternoon. I’m not much of an artist, but that was nothing new there, and they had plenty of stencils for people like me who are artistically challenged. So I picked out two soup mugs and started decorating. I left them to be fired and picked them up several days later.

Terry was happy with the result and let me keep them.

We’ve been using them regularly ever since.

One Comment on “soup mugs”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I Like this story – delightful! Makes me smile.

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