Friday Night Jazz Service

FridayNiightJazzSvcI rarely request a premium when renewing my membership to a public radio station, unless it’s a T-shirt or coffee mug or the like. During the last pledge drive for KCSM, my jazz station, however, the Friday afternoon announcer kept playing excerpts from a CD by Bob Applebaum called Friday Night Jazz Service. I really loved the music. It is a CD of jazz arrangements of traditional Shabbat melodies.

It wasn’t available at Amazon or on iTunes, however, so I renewed my membership, though I’m not sure it was actually up for renewal, and did so at a level higher than required for the CD. It arrived last week, and I played it on Friday. Marvelous! It’s soothing spiritual music perfect for then end of a hectic week. One certainly doesn’t need to be Jewish to appreciate it.

I did some further checking and found that the CD is available from Bob’s Web site. Here’s a sample:

If you like sacred music or if you like jazz I think you’ll enjoy this album.

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