diet choices

We have a new bakery in Gilroy called Patti’s Perfect Pantry. Patti bakes gluten-free products exclusively. Terry and I have not made the gluten-free move, but we love eating there because Patti serves incredibly delicious food. Interestingly, while they bake only gluten-free products, the ingredients in their sandwiches include not only chicken, but ham and bacon. No beef, though. Not sure if that’s deliberate.

This has made me think about all of the various diet philosophies people adhere to. Many vegetarians eat fish, milk, and cheese. Strict vegans eat no animal products at all, of course.

The clean eating movement generally believes in locally sourced food raised without chemicals, but they cook with both chicken and beef.

Of course you can find a study to support just about whatever direction you want to take. It can get very confusing.

I have had my vegetarian phases, but right now I feel like I need meat in my diet. Perhaps the best approach is to eat whatever it is that your body tells you is best for it.

2 Comments on “diet choices”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Mike, “Listen to your body” had been my mantra since I was 13 probably — most of my life anyway. If you feel like you need meat, you probably do. Good choice for right now anyway.

  2. […] so happens that this same picture hangs on the wall at our new gluten-free bakery, Patti’s Perfect Pantry. In the several months that Patti’s has been open I’ve enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland theme of […]

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