Alice and gluten-free pizza

OliveStsmallWhen I was living on Olive Street during my post-Pitzer College Claremont cockroach days from 1975-77, I had this sign on my front door. For the first part of that era my roommate was George. Actually it was his apartment, and the sign seemed appropriate to both of us. Certainly our friends thought so. I was working at B. Dalton Bookseller, reading books, listening to soft rock on KNX-FM, and Aliceattempting, not terribly successfully, to be the next George Orwell. Not George Orwell the novelist, but George Orwell the essayist. George my roommate engaged himself in various endeavors, but spent much of his time at the computer. This was long before the days of the personal computer. We’re talking mainframes and dumb terminals here. So he sat at a terminal in a small room on the Pitzer campus or on one of the other Claremont campuses. Or he hung out in the actual computer room, a privilege granted a very few. He had the habit of doing things like inviting people over for dinner, and then getting engrossed in a computer program he was writing and leaving the preparation of dinner and the entertaining of guests to me and Alison, his sometime significant other.

It so happens that this same picture hangs on the wall at our new gluten-free bakery, Patti’s Perfect Pantry. In the several months that Patti’s has been open I’ve enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland theme of the shop. I had never noticed, however, this particular picture. I saw it for the first time on Friday as we were waiting for our gluten-free pizza, something new on the menu. I went over to take a look, and noted that the text associated with the picture was actually an excerpt from an earlier part of Alice’s conversation with the Cheshire Cat. A picture frame directly underneath, however, displayed the text in question.

Terry and I have loved Patti’s from the first day we walked in the door. For us, unlike for many other people, the fact that the shop is gluten-free is incidental. We love it because the food tastes marvelous, because we get to sit in a pleasant environment, and because Patti and her staff interact with us in a most friendly and attentive manner.

And now a tie to memories of some of my favorite days from the past. I’m delighted we have Patti’s.


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