two kitchen topics

Kitchen Topic 1

I wrote a while back about how much we liked our Oneida kitchen utensils and about how I was not able to find that style any longer. I ordered what looked to me to be the next best thing from Amazon, a mixing spoon made by Tovolo. Terry and I both really ended up liking it, even though it’s not really like the Oneida at all. We used it constantly and it seemed like it was often in the dishwasher when we wanted to use it. I recently another one from Amazon.

Both will get a lot of use.


Kitchen Topic 2

I am sure you have this same experience. Things around the house have been sitting there for a long time. You look at all the time and eventually you don’t see them anymore. Our FoodSaver canisters sitting in a cabinet constituted such a case for me.

foodsaverWe use our FoodSaver all the time. We use the plastic rolls that we make into bags to vacuum seal leftovers or the boneless chicken breasts we stock up on at Rocca’s. Everything goes into the freezer. The FoodSaver also has a vacuum tube, however, and it came with a number of canisters to which you connect the tube and create a vacuum in order to store food in the fridge. These can’t be frozen. When I first got the FoodSaver I bought a few additional canisters as well because I thought I would be using them a lot. It turns out I haven’t been.

I was doing some rearranging the other day and I actually “saw” those canisters. I was hit by a feeling of guiltcanisters for not using them. The fact is that the way we’re doing things works for us, though I do have a tinge of guilt as well about the use of all that plastic. In any case, it’s not like I can give those canisters to Hope Services, our Goodwill-like charity. They’re pretty much useless without the FoodSaver, and I’m certainly not giving up my FoodSaver.

It turns out that there is an upside to all this. We had a bunch of things that Terry brought home from her grandmother’s place in rural Northeastern Oklahoma when she died in December 2001. They were in storage, but we closed out the storage unit some months back and brought everything home. There were three wonderful old cast iron frying pans that Terry brought into the kitchen. The only space available was above the refrigerator, so that’s where we put them. So I put the FoodSaver canisters in the cabinet above the fridge and brought the cast iron skillets down where they are easily accessible to Terry. I’m expecting they will now get some use.

Not so bad.


3 Comments on “two kitchen topics”

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