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Here’s why I was rearranging things in the cabinet and actually “saw” those FoodSaver canisters that I hadn’t used in ages.

Terry and I independently and within a few days of each other both got aggravated by our wire whisks getting caught in a drawer that was too shallow to properly store them. We decided that they belonged in the utensil canister, but that was way oversubscribed already. Meanwhile I had ordered our second Tovolo spoon, plus a Rachael Ray spoon and ladle set that Terry had caught on her show, each having a cool slot in the handle meaning they can be parked on the side of the pan.


We made a trip to the Outlets. Now we had lost our two kitchen stores there, which made us quite unhappy, but another one had opened up in a different part of the complex, and we had not yet taken the time to visit it. We went in, and, wow! Quite the candy store for the kitchenophile! But, using all of our willpower, we stayed on mission. We found a stainless steel canister larger than our current one, which rang up at a dollar less than the sticker price. Not bad. We made our getaway before we did any serious damage.

utensilsWe decided to use both canisters, and I decided that the trivet that the old canister was sitting on should go into the cabinet. Hence the rearranging.

But we now have two canisters for our utensils, so they can all play together nicely. We have two Tovolo spoons, and the Rachael Ray park-on-the-pan set. Nice additions to our kitchen.

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