changing traditions successfully

This was the year for doing things differently during the holidays for Terry and me.

After Thanksgiving I wrote about how a comment on NPR to the effect of “cranberry sauce is easy” motivated me to make my own after many decades of Ocean Spray, going back to my youngest childhood days. The recipe from Giada was superb. I did the same recipe for Christmas with full confidence.

Speaking of confidence, I wrote last week that Terry and I decided to change our Christmas tradition this year by cooking prime rib. We were both a bit nervous as we hade never made prime rib before, and it’s not something that you want to mess up. I printed out three somewhat variant procedures I found online. I had advice based on years of experience from my friend the Boston Pobble. And we had the flyer printed by our local Rocca’s Market.

When I ordered the prime rib, Mike, our seafood guy at Rocca’s, took my order. For two people he suggested a single rib, so I followed that advice and that’s what I ordered. When I picked up our single rib I was helped by Tom, co-owner of Rocca’s and the guy who runs the meat department. He was a bit concerned because out cut was so small, but gave me some suggestions.

In the end, we let our oven’s probe make the final call, and left it in until it reached the desired temperature. We pulled our prime rib out of the oven, put in a standard meat thermometer, and let it rest for twenty minutes. We had rubbed the meat with a locally made spice rub from Rocca’s.

The result, in a word, was spectacular.

Add rolls made from scratch, home cooked mashed potatoes, and green beans with bacon (another innovation, this one on Terry’s part).

It was a meal that made us stop and think about how much we have to be grateful for. It also reminded us of what the two of us can pull off when we each do our bit.

And our endeavor showed us that change and updating traditions can be a Good Thing.


One Comment on “changing traditions successfully”

  1. YAY! I was hoping for an update. Glad it went so beautifully.

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