useful tools (or fun toys)

Our nephew Race, Terry’s sister Juile’s son, was going to get married in November. Without going into detail, the wedding (but not the engagement) was called off. But in the interim I had sent them a congratulations card plus VISA and Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards. Julie returned the envelope unopened. Since over Christmas Race was at a naval base in D.C. waiting assignment, I sent him the VISA card, which I thought he could use, and kept the BB&B card, which wasn’t going to be much use to him under the circumstances, for our enjoyment.

parmcheesegraterOne thing I wanted was a parmesan cheese grater. The kind with the had crank that servers use in Italian restaurants. Then in a BB&B flyer I saw a lap desk and thought that it would be perfect when Terry and I are sitting on the bed in the evenings and I’m on my iPad.

The afternoon of December 26 I pulled out the multiple 20%-off-any-single-item coupons we had on hand, grabbed the gift card, steeled myself, and set out. It turns out that neither the shopping center nor the store was busy at all. I picked up a couple of practical items (like granite cleaner)  and with some help and after wandering the store aimlessly for a while, was directed to the lap desk.

No hand crank grater that I could find. For that I checked Amazon, but then decided that it would no doubt be at our local Kitchen Collection store. I headed over there a day or two later. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but there lapdeskwas a store-brand grater with both coarse and fine cylinders (as opposed to just the fine). It was less than half the price of the (not so) fancy Italian-branded one with just the fine cylinder.

Both of those items have turned out every bit as useful as I had anticipated. We’ve used the grater multiple times at dinner already. And it turns out that the lap desk puts my iPad in just the right place to allow me to use my computer glasses. That’s great, because when I saw my optometrist in December he told me that I really needed to be using my computer glasses, and not be trying to use my progressive lenses to get the correct focal length when looking at the screen.

Tools or toys, we’re making good use of them.

One Comment on “useful tools (or fun toys)”

  1. I’ve had one of those for about 18 years – and it is still going strong. But I love that yours has two cylinders! Very cool!

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