my early sources for spiritual formation reading

There were two sources for books on spiritual formation on which I relied heavily in my early Episcopal days. One was Cowley Publications and the other was Morehouse Publishing. I often learned of new titles from those houses via reviews in the Episcopal Life newspaper.

Cowley was the home to authors from whom I learned a lot, including folks like Barbara Brown Taylor and Margaret Guenther. It was also the source of the wonderful Church’s Teaching Series with books like Opening the Prayer Book. Morehouse published similar titles.

Episcopal Life has not been around for a while. I went looking for Cowley, and found that it is now an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield and hasn’t published a new book since 2010. Morehouse has been a division of Church Publishing (of the Episcopal Church) for some years. When I checked their Web page, I saw that nothing new has been published since the spring of 2012. In fact one featured book was a title I read as a physical book several years ago before making the switch to Kindle.

There are certainly plenty of resources available today for such books, including the HarperOne imprint from HarperCollins. And there are lots of ways to learn about new titles. There’s the Englewood Review of Books, which you can both follow on Facebook or via their blog feed with your RSS Reader. I certainly see new titles with some frequency from my friends on Facebook in the Episcopal, Catholic, and other traditions.

But I have to say that I miss seeing new titles from those two sources that were so much a part of my early, exciting days in the liturgical tradition.

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