shrinking menus

There are a handful of restaurants where Terry and I will go out to eat occasionally, most often for Sunday lupper (late lunch/early supper). Two of them were Black Bear Diner and Mimi’s. Both serve versions of comfort food. As you would expect from “Diner” in the name, Black Bear serves things like hamburgers and fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Mimi’s, with its New Orleans-themed décor, serves comfort food in the form of dishes like chicken pot pie and potato soup. We’ve always enjoyed both spots.

Both restaurants were known for their extensive menus. Both made a similar change recently. On our most recent visit to each, we discovered those extensive menus had been pared back considerably. No doubt there were sound economic reasons for these decisions, but the changes disappointed both of us. Black Bear still had the standby burgers, but at Mimi’s I was hard-pressed to find something I especially wanted. I settled on the crepes, something I would almost never choose when dining out. I will say unequivocally that Terry’s homemade creations have nothing to fear from Mimi’s when it comes to crepes.

Both places are getting scratched off our list.

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