cast iron cookware

I wrote a while back about making room in the kitchen for the cast iron frying pans that Terry inherited from her grandmother. Terry now uses one of the pans regularly when she cooks eggs during the week or on Sundays when I’m off to church. On Saturdays I often use one of the frying pans to cook our country sausage, and then Terry uses it for our scrambled eggs. I used one of the pans on New Year’s Day to make our fried chicken, and again last Saturday when I cooked a version of the same from Trisha Yearwood. (Yes, I castironpancheated. That version calls for baking, but I used the buttermilk, hot sauce, and bread crumbs.)

One of the great things about the cast iron pan is that the chicken doesn’t stick like it does in our stainless steel Calphalon. And there is something different, something more full and rich about the flavor of chicken fried in a cast iron pan with a long family history. I absolutely love our Calphalon and continue to use it regularly, but it’s nice to have a good, old-fashioned alternative for dishes where cast iron is the right solution.

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  1. Alison Morgan says:

    Our favorite pan is a “12 inch” Lodge about the same age as Tasha. Needless to say the 13″ spatter guard falls into it, but it’s the perfect pan for almost everything from eggs to deep-dish pan pizza. Glenn’s Christmas gift to me was Sur la Table’s 8q cast iron dutch oven. Other than its substantial weight, it’s our new fave, tied for best Xmas gift this year! The other item was my Dad’s gift — replacement of our kitchen faucet, which had gone from insufficient flow to slow dribble overnight. Did my research and opted for a Grohe pulldown. We’re still marvelling at the water flow, which, coupled with the dutch oven meant fabulous home-made turkey soup was a quick and easy thing!

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