Pandora music

I first began using Pandora to listen to music a few years ago. I rather enjoyed it, enough so that I upgraded to a paid account. I didn’t renew the paid subscription after getting my first internet radio in early 2012, and with that acquisition pretty much quit listening to Pandora.

After getting my new internet radio after Christmas, however, I dusted off the old free account since the new radio has Pandora support built right in to it. All I had to do was associate my account with the radio. It’s been fun.

My old 60’s and 70’s soft rock and Broadway channels were still there. I added a sacred choral music channel and what I called Modern Folk.

For the sacred music channel all I had to do was select the name John Rutter, and I’ve gotten a really nice mix of sacred music since.

For Modern Folk, I started with Christine Lavin, and then added several other names, a feature I don’t remember being there before. I added Alison Krauss, Kate Wolf, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and a couple other names. That has given me a really nice mix of music in that category.

The 60’s and 70’s channel plugs along nicely with the old standards.

As for Broadway, Pandora seems stuck on Rent, Wicked, Annie, and a couple of Disney shows. There’s no way to add to shows to increase the mix. No matter, I have the SiriusXM Broadway channel.

And in any case, three out of four isn’t bad.

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