podcasts and music library

I’ve been writing about my Grace internet radio and all of its great features. I have now implemented two more.

The radio supports podcasts, which I love. I have moved most of the podcasts I had on my iPod to the radio. Using the radio I don’t need to worry about maintaining them –  the most recent ones are always there. I’ve also added the podcasts for some of the NPR programs I listen to regularly: Fresh Air, KQED Forum, Leonard Lopate from WNYC, and Science Friday. I frequently miss live segments since I’m working and have things I need to do. This makes it easy to catch those segments when I have time to listen.

When my desktop computer is on, I can also listen to music I have stored there. Not only does the radio play standard .mp3 files, it also plays the iTunes .m4p format. Very cool. And for those podcasts that don’t provide a generic feed URL and are only available through iTunes, they’re right there for immediate access.

All very cool.

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