Winter Olympics Blues

I usually love the Winter Olympics. But it’s hard for me to get engaged this year.

onlympicsThere’s the whole Russian anti-gay thing. There’s the fact that preparation for the Olympics has disrupted the lives of the locals at Soshi. Some have lost their homes. Some are having a heck of a time getting to their homes with all the construction. Some who still have homes are being told to paint them, but not being given the paint or money to buy paint.

Never mind the venue, and why the IOC selected Sochi in the first place. Look at a map. Sochi is at the same latitude as Marseilles. Not exactly Alpine.

Then there are the very real threats of terrorism. It’s not surprising that athletes are telling their families to stay home.

So it’s really hard for me to me to get excited about the Winter Olympics this year. And that’s sad. Because the real losers are the athletes who have trained so hard to get there.

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