team effort in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking, generally it’s either Terry or me in the kitchen. There are exceptions. Certainly both Thanksgiving and Christmas are team efforts. On a typical Saturday morning, I squeeze the orange juice and cook the country sausage and then Terry takes over for the eggs.

We’ll also do “surf and turf” for a Saturday dinner. I’ll have my halibut or other seafood and Terry has steak. I get the baked potatoes into the oven and then prepare the marinade for my fish. I then get out of the way and let Terry take over. It works out well

For breakfast last Saturday I had, earlier in the week, suggested huevos rancheros. We had in the freezer country sausage from Rocca’s, leftover Tri Tip from our local barbecue place, homemade refried beans from when I had made tostadas, and leftover guacamole from a pervious meal. We always have generic brand Egg Beaters on hand and Terry usually has her eggs in the fridge. All I needed to pick up were the tortillas.

Saturday turned out to be wet and rainy — perfect for such a breakfast. I took care of the orange juice, and then fried the sausage, warmed up the refried beans in a sauce pan, and heated the Tri Tip in the microwave. I stepped aside. Terry fixed scrambled egg beaters for me and fried egg for herself then assembled everything.

A perfect breakfast for a wet, rainy morning.

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