a tale of two markets

I enjoy writing, as you know, about Rocca’s, our local, family owned market. One thing I really appreciate that is when I ask for a meat selection of a certain weight, they come very close to what I ask for.

We’ve started buying chopped, marinated meat at the nearby Mi Pueblo, an upscale Latino grocery chain. Those meats are delicious and make yummy tacos (where I bake my own taco shells, of course). They are not as clear on the concept of weight as is Rocca’s. I was in there the other day asking for half a pound of pastor meat, that is marinated pork. The butcher started out with a pound and a half. He scaled it back to 0.9 pounds. I said close enough. The same was true over in the service deli with the guacamole ranchero. I got twice as much as I asked for. I don’t know if this is policy, a language problem, or just sloppiness. The thing is, it’s OK. I have my FoodSaver. I simply sealed up and froze what we didn’t use for our original meal. It will make a tasty, easy dinner later on.

We appreciate Mi Pueblo for their specialty products, but Rocca’s remains our go-to market for its full-service meat counter.

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