that wasn’t so hard

Wherever you live you are no doubt aware of the drought here in California and on the West Coast in general. Earlier this year Governor Brown officially issued a drought declaration and called for conservation. Close to home, the Santa Clara Water District, which provides most of the water for the city of Gilroy, called for a ten percent reduction in usage, and later upped that to twenty percent.

Terry and I were prepared to do our part. I replaced my daily bath with a shower, making an exception only now and again. Toilets get flushed only when circumstances dictate. We have hand sanitizer in all of the bathrooms for when that will work rather than washing our hands with water. We’ve always been conservative when it comes to watering our lawns, and in fact the system has been off all winter and will stay off for as long as we can get away with it. For the most part we’ve always run the washing machine and dish washer only when we have a full load.

The first month’s bill since taking those steps didn’t show any appreciable difference and I wondered if the unit of measurement (1,000 gallons per unit) was granular enough to show our efforts. But the bill doesn’t indicate when the meter is read and I’ve never caught the meter reader in action to know when that happens. We got the latest water bill last week, and it turns out that those small, simple steps made a significant difference.

We’re delighted to be doing our part. Now we just need to convince the board of the homeowners’ association to permit front yards to be landscaped with drought-resistant plants and allow us to get rid of those water-hungry lawns.


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