I am not training for a 5K

That may seem like a silly thing to say, but there is a point here.

Terry has been training for the AAUW Wildflower Run. The reason that I am not is that the run is on Palm Sunday. Once upon a time it was on a Saturday, but for the past several years it has been on Sunday, and most years on Palm Sunday. I wrote an email to one of the organizers complaining about that, and got a long response back explaining all the factors that went in to determining the date, and telling me that as it worked out most years Palm Sunday was the best date. This year Easter is quite late, but last year it was unusually early. The run (or walk for Terry and me) was not on Palm Sunday and I was able to participate. Not this year.

I suppose that there is nothing stopping me from behaving as if I were training for the 5K, but there is something different about having the actual goal to work towards.

There is the Mushroom Mardi Gras Fun Run the Saturday before Memorial Day. That’s something to look ahead to and train for.

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