our newest kitchen tool

You’re aware that Terry and I are suckers for kitchen gadgets. I decided a while back that I was tired of fighting with that hand-held wheel pizza slicer. Terry was off to do a couple of errands, so I pulled out one of those ubiquitous Bed Bath & pizzacutterBeyond 20% off coupons and asked her to score a proper pizza slicer. She brought home the real deal, and at $9.99 less 20%, how can you complain?

I had to make pizza from scratch, of course, to try out the cutter and it did its did its job well. I had a bit of a problem a week later with our Papa Murthy’s take and bake and the paper tray, but I think it’s simply a matter of cutting the pizza on a flat, solid surface rather than on the (unheated of course) gas stove top with its gaps where the tray bends. And I think it was still better than using the handheld rollingpizza pizza cutter.

Terry and I both thought that the tool would work well when I cut corn tortillas to make tortilla chips. I tried it and it did the job wonderfully.

Pizza or tortillas, I seem to have a problem creating pieces of equal size. I need to work on that.

Regardless, we’re delighted to add this to our kitchen gadget collection.

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