in the Monterey Bay orbit

Gilroy is in an interesting location. It is at the very southern end of Santa Clara County. Leave Gilroy on U.S. 101 heading south and you’re in San Benito County. Head east through Hecker Pass and you find yourself in Santa Cruz County. One of the very first things you see on the other side of Hecker Pass on Highway 152 is the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds.

Officially all of Santa Clara County is part of the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market. When we had DirecTV satellite service we got all of the San Francisco stations. Now that we have cable that is true as well, but we also get the Monterey-Salinas CBS and NBC stations. That is not true for the next town to the north, Morgan Hill, which has the same cable company.

Most of the Monterey/Salinas radio stations come in clearly here in Gilroy. I listen to both of the NPR stations in the region, KAZU in Monterey, and less often to KUSP in Santa Cruz. I love the traffic reports on those stations. Very often it’s something like “no major incidents to report” or “heavy traffic on Highway One through Santa Cruz.” That’s it. Terry and I both like the weatherman on the Monterey NBC station, an elder statesman with a relaxed attitude.

In general, the radio and television media in the Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz market reflects the somewhat slower pace of life in the region. And that’s a Good Thing.

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