kitchen update

Nope – it’s not a new gadget this time. New things with bread and breadcrumbs.

European-style Bread Flour

EuroFlourI have been ordering from King Arthur Flour for a lot of years, and have only purchased a fraction of the products they offer. I’m not sure what brought it to my attention, but on my most recent order I included a bag of their European-style bread flour for making artisan breads. I have not been following specific recipes for making breads of late. I am comfortable enough with the parameters of what is required for a successful loaf that I improvise a lot. But for this new flour I pulled out my trusty Rustic European Breads: From Your Bread Machine, now sadly out of print. I selected a simple recipe and used the European-style flour. Marvelous! Not as healthy as whole wheat, but marvelous nonetheless.

Bread Crumbs

I like the iPhone app Fooducate. You scan the bard code in the grocery store and it BreadCrumbsrates the product for its health and nutrition value. There have been some surprises. Breadcrumbs, for example. The Progresso brand gets something like a C+. All kinds of not-so-good stuff in there.

I thought, why not make my own? I tried it and It has worked out well. Mostly I make the crumbs from my own bread, but every once in a while we’ll buy bread at the store. We got some Trader Joe’s sourdough the other week since we were going to be away. The bread crumbs were excellent on my fried chicken.

There’s always something to learn and improve on in the kitchen.

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