books or magazines?

You are likely aware that Terry and I don’t watch television in the evenings. We have our music, jazz six nights a week and classical on Sunday (though that’s another story). Terry has her magazines, physical books, and sometimes her iPad.

I have my iPad. Everything is on my iPad. I have my Facebook and Twitter apps. There’s my RSS reader and my Goodreads app. Then there’s the iOS Newsstand, my Zinio magazine app, and my Amazon Kindle app.

I have built up a lot of magazine subscriptions. Some are paid  iOS Newsstand subscriptions, some are free due to our print subscriptions. I added a lot of subscriptions in Zinio when they were offering deep discounts and attractive deals – a policy that they have discontinued.

There is only so much time in an evening, and I have to decide whether it goes to books or magazines. Increasingly over the past several months, I have chosen to spend that time with Kindle books. Some of the magazine subscriptions are going to have to lapse, especially as Zinio’s deals have become less generous.

But spending more time with books? I’ll take that as a Good Thing.

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