remembering what’s important

I’ve long known that my friend Tahoe Mom has chosen to forego Sunday morning worship in a church in favor of a quiet, meditative Sunday morning at home. What is interesting is that she wrote about that a week ago Sunday, which was the same Sunday that I skipped church.

waferIt was, in fact, the first time in umpteen weeks that I had I skipped church. I simply needed a break in the midst of Lent. But I didn’t spend the time in quiet and meditation. I slept in, had breakfast, did my normal New York Times and Trader Joe’s run (which are close to St. John’s by the way), did major yard work (and was sore Monday), took Tasha for her walk, sat down and did my monthly bill pay routine, and prepared dinner to put in the pressure cooker. All work all day. I was none the better for having skipped church that day.

I need the Bread and the Wine, but every once in a while I seem to need to miss it in order to remind me how much I really do need it. And it was good to be back this past Sunday to experience it again.

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