not such a good idea

For some years Terry and I have been drinking a brand of tea which I first discovered in Oklahoma City in the 1980’s. I get the tea through the mail. I first dealt with the founder of the company via postal mail, and now communicate with his daughter via email and order from their Web site. We recently noticed that something wasn’t right with the taste of the tea, and we got a replacement shipment that still wasn’t that light taste we were used to.

I thought maybe I should change my morning drink and perhaps I would enjoy coffee, something I haven’t had for years except in the form of espresso drinks. I bought a bag of Starbuck’s coffee beans, and looked for a single-cup cone filter holder. I had to make three stops to find one, and then was misinformed as to the correct size of filter. That should have told me that something wasn’t right here. If something is taking that much effort, it’s probably not the right thing to be doing. But there was a small supply of filters with the cone, so I proceeded.


My body was out of whack for 24 hours. It’s back to tea for me.

Some experiments are not worth undertaking. Yes, I’m sticking with tea.


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