recognizing the obvious

I’m off to Houston through Wednesday for work-related meetings. My blog will continue on its regular schedule, however.

Sometimes it takes me a while to recognize the obvious. I guess I’m like most people that way.

When the microwave beeps and I’m not ready to take the food out I’ve long opened and closed the door so it doesn’t keep beeping at me. I realized recently that all I have to do is to press the Stop | Clear button. Duh.

When I’m packing up food in my FoodSaver, it will create the vacuum and then seal the bag automatically. But if there’s not enough empty plastic above the level of the food, sometimes it will create the vacuum but not seal the bag. I just recently realized that when that happens I can press the Seal button and do a manual seal.

We replaced the sliding glass door in the back with a French door many years ago. To lock it you need to turn up the handle and flip the latch. For the longest time I thought you had to do the two simultaneously. It was only recently I realized that you can turn up the handle and then turn the latch. Very convenient if you have something in your hands.


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