how things evolve

For a long time I had a regular commute into Silicon Valley. I was normally in the office four or five days a week. A few years after we moved here to Gilroy Terry got a job that allowed her to work from home when she wasn’t on the road. That meant that she generally took care of dinner when I came trudging in after a long day, even though my commute was generally on the train rather than on the freeway.

As my work situation evolved, I was working more and more with people in other locations rather than in my local office, and I was in the office once a week, and then once a month. When my campus closed I became a full-time remote worker.

What also evolved is that I became responsible for dinner. It just happened. These days I generally cook dinner, though I may once in a while ask Terry to fix something. At times she may volunteer a specific dish. But mostly I take care of dinner during the week.

I’m not complaining. I rather enjoy it. It’s just interesting sometimes how things evolve.

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