Easter 2

My blog entry for Easter Monday was rather grim. I wanted, therefore, today to share some of the joy of Easter. I can’t thing of anything original to say that would express it better than Margaret did over at leave it lay where Jesus flang it. In her blog entry new way of being she writes that Easter is longer than Lent. I hadn’t thought about it, but it’s true. I like that a lot. Lent is 40 days, which doesn’t include Sundays. It’s 46 actual days from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Easter is 50 days. How very cool is that?

Margaret writes:

quote…the really good news is this: The sure sign that God is good is that Easter is longer than Lent! Easter is not just a day –it is a season –fifty days long… a season when we have the opportunity to practice living the Resurrection –living the new life –and liturgically we practice that by not confessing our sin –by not reading from the Law and Prophets, looking back to our roots, but reading only from the Christian scriptures, our spiritual ancestors, putting us in mind of our own calling of the eternal priesthood of Christ.

Happy Easter!

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One Comment on “Easter 2”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Presbyterian pastor friends and song writers Avery and Marsh wrote a wonderful song titled “Every Morning is Easter Morning” . . . from now on. Always used to try to sing it on the Sunday after Easter – and I liked singing it several times during the year as a good reminder.

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