We switched from DirecTV satellite to cable television three years ago, not because we were unhappy with DirecTV, although I was getting irked with their nickel-and-dime rate increases each year. We switched because our Verizon DSL internet access had become unbearably slow. It eventually became, I believe, slower than dial-up. We knew that calling the cable company and asking for internet only was a non-starter. We could insist that we didn’t want telephone service, but we knew we had to accept some kind of bundle. So it would be TV and internet.

The television we’ve been happy with. We get two of the Monterey stations, which we didn’t with DirecTV, and that’s nice. While I have my Food Network, I don’t have the Cooking Channel, and I miss that. But I can live with it.

HomeInternetWhat I really appreciate, and for which I am grateful every day, is the internet access. Part of the core business plan for Charter Communications is high-speed internet access. And high-speed it is. It has only gotten faster over the last three years. That’s important since Terry and I both work from home and I no longer have an office to go in to.

I’ve been able to do effectively at work everything I need to do. My company has been more and more focused on communicating online and less with landline phones. More and more conference calls are online, and I have taken to that. Add to that video conferencing, but I have been able to keep up just fine.

I was struck as to how fortunate I was when a colleague working from home said she was having audio problems since we started adding video to our team conference calls. She’s in Austin, where you’d expect high-speed connectivity. My manager, in San Diego, said that he can’t video conference from home.

Here I am connected all day, doing what I need to do, and listening to NPR or music on my internet radio, while Terry is working away in her office connected via the wireless router.

It’s very cool, and I am grateful for it. I am highly appreciative of Charter Communications’ business model, and I do not in the least take it for granted.

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