instructions in recipes

I wrote recently about Molly Katzen’s rather satirical take on the extremes to which one might take the instructions in a recipe. But in reality there are some instructions in recipes that annoy me.

What is it with “stir with a wooden spoon” or “cook in a non-stick skillet”? Our Tovolo and Oneida nylon spoons are perfectly fine for stirring whatever needs to be stirred. Our Calphalon stainless steel pans are more non-stick than the non-stick (I can tell you from experience) and can cook whatever needs to be cooked.

I suppose I can see the point of “cook in a cast iron skillet,” since the nature and flavor of cooking in  cast iron is different, but not everyone has cast iron. We went many years without cast iron. We (foolishly) kept the cast iron Terry brought home from her grandmother’s house after her death in storage for the longest time. Only recently did we bring it in to the kitchen. And I am glad we finally did.

But for the most part please don’t tell me what kind of utensil to use. Just give me the instructions that I need.

Really. Thanks for that.

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