Someone on Facebook posted an interesting article on creativity. The core of the article is in the following two paragraphs:


Complaining and creating have a direct correlation. The more you create, the less you complain. The more you complain, the less you create. It’s a pretty simple formula.

Instead of standing by the problem pointing out everything that’s wrong, create a solution. Instead of ingraining an attitude of discontent, start working toward a new way forward. Create a movement, a relationship, a tool or a conversation.

creativityI love this. I channel my creativity through this blog. For many years I also had a creative outlet in photography. What I realized a few years ago, though, was that I was so busy out in nature trying to get the right shot with my camera that I was failing to experience the moment. So I scaled back on my photography and began focusing even more on writing, which means I look back and reflect on the moment after it has passed. I think that’s a good thing.

The Cooking Channel used to have a tag line of “Stay Hungry.” I forget the context, but I mentioned that to my spiritual director several years ago, and her response was, “Stay Creative.”

Right. Exactly.

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