the good and the ugly

The ugly: We came home from vacation to a refrigerator that gave out. The temperature kept rising while the motor kept running. Same problem we’d had before: the compressor quit. It is not an old refrigerator. We got it when we did our kitchen remodel in 2007. I would expect much better from the high end of the GE line. This is mildly ugly but not very bad because the old fridge (which has kept functioning admirably) is in the garage. Yes, I know we’re not supposed to do that, but it holds much more than the proverbial six-pack of Coke (which we don’t buy anyway). Between our leftovers sealed up with the FoodSaver, stocking up at Trader Joe’s, Terry’s Weight Watcher lunches, our Indian take-out leftovers, and keeping our King Arthur flour fresh, it gets good use. It is just a tad crowded now, that’s for sure. But the compressor is already here and repair man is scheduled to be back Thursday.

The good: While we were away I got an email saying that we were eligible for advance tickets for the run of Wicked in San Jose. When we got home I ordered tickets (great seats!) and made a reservation at the Fairmont. Terry set up Tasha at her resort. A late birthday getaway for me with my wife the Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend. So very cool.

The really good trumps the slightly ugly in this case for sure.

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  1. […] and they sent out the repairman. He said it was indeed the compressor. He ordered the compressor, it arrived quickly, and he returned. The compressor was damaged in transit. Useless. He ordered another one, […]

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