red rubber ball

I wrote last week about how our refrigerator had died. I wrote that the compressor was here and the repairman was scheduled. He did show up on the appointed day. He checked out the compressor and found it had been damaged in transit. Worthless.

Yesterday I received a robo call from the repair company telling me that I needed to call to reschedule the appointment which was set for tomorrow. That was not a complete surprise because the replacement compressor did not show up on Friday as I had expected. The agent told me that the compressor was on back order, no surprise, and that it was not scheduled to ship until Friday 27 June, big, unpleasant surprise.

We have a fridge in the garage. This is a first world problem, I get that. And when I took Boss Boss Radio off of mute after talking to the agent, it was playing the closing strains of “Red Rubber Ball.”

That was nice.

One Comment on “red rubber ball”

  1. […] Terry and I came back from our Southern California trip at the beginning of June to discover that the temperature in our refrigerator was rising rapidly. We had seen this before, and had to replace the compressor. We called the service contract company and they sent out the repairman. He said it was indeed the compressor. He ordered the compressor, it arrived quickly, and he returned. The compressor was damaged in transit. Useless. He ordered another one, which was backordered. […]

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