much appreciated

I have written quite a bit about Rocca’s, our family owned, independent market. I can’t imagine going back to the supermarket and buying pre-packaged meats. Not when I can go to Rocca’s and get exactly the size or weight or quantity that I need.

It goes beyond that, though. A few months ago, perhaps it was just before Easter, I went in looking for tri-tip. They had it in a variety of marinades, but not the one I wanted. Tom, co-owner and responsible for the meat department, was right there, though he wasn’t the one helping me. He said “I can fix that for you,” and after verifying that I wasn’t going to cook it until the next day, set me up with what I wanted.

Last Thursday I went in for a number of things for the 4th and for the weekend. They did not, however, have any country sausage. Poppy, our fish monger was helping me, but Dan K, the sausage guy, was right there and said, “I can make you some if you can hang for a few minutes.” Well, certainly. Obviously he couldn’t make it in the small amount that I usually buy, so now I have enough to take us through mid-August. But that’s fine. That’s why we have a freezer and producersour FoodSaver.

When I say that I really appreciate Rocca’s I mean it.

On a side note, the dairy product line that Rocca’s sells is a brand called Producer’s. It’s very common to see that brand in independent markets and restaurants in much of the northern half of California, when you get away from the chains. The only problem is that when I see that brand I can’t help but think about a certain Mel Brooks musical. You know the one I mean: “Springtime for Hitler and Germany, Winter for Poland and France…”

OK, enough of that.

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  1. […] tried it last week. I bought the soy chorizo on my usual Trader Joe’s Sunday run and visited Rocca’s for the ground round. I mixed the two together. Two ounces of each for each patty. We’ve […]

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