not paying attention

I wrote about how Terry and I were taking measures to conserve water, and how I felt good about what we were doing. It turns out that, at least temporarily, I was not doing as well as I thought.

I was looking at our back lawn and reflected on how good it was looking given the amount of water I was giving it. Then I thought it odd that the front lawn was as green as it was. Finally I realized what was going on: both lawns were getting a lot more water than I had intended.

On a Friday evening a few weeks back we had a power glitch. Terry had gone out to get dinner and the power went out. But before I could even get out of my chair, the power came back on. Some of our electronics reset themselves, some needed to be reset, and some were fine. What I totally forgot about was the controller for our sprinkler system. The slightest blip in the power causes it to reset to its default settings, which means it was giving the lawns a whole lot more water than I intended. Never mind that it was feeding water to our front and back drip systems, which long ago have fallen into disuse.

I was really ticked off with myself. It’s fixed now, but I’m still unhappy about the wasted water.

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