our heterogeneous kitchen

I said I was done writing about refrigerators and I am. But with our replacement refrigerator, I have the inclination to write about our kitchen as a whole.

When we did our remodel in 2007, we decided to go with GE for our major appliances. The exception was the dishwasher, which was a KitchenAid that was working perfectly fine. We went to our local full-service Western Appliance store (the Gilroy location sadly no longer being there) and got some excellent help from the salesperson there. They even stored the appliances until we were ready for them. We bought a refrigerator, a stove and a microwave. As it turned out, the microwave started peeling inside and had to be replaced. Our esteemed contractor failed to properly anchor the dishwasher and it had to be replaced. (Not to mention that it was replaced by a Bosch, which was a disaster, followed by an LG, which also did not function properly. We’re now on a Frigidaire which, knock on wood, is functioning well.) You know the latest story about the GE fridge.

So, of all the major appliances we bought only the stove dates from the remodel. (There’s the U-Line wine chiller, but that’s in the dining area, and it’s not used in the food cooking and dish cleaning cycle, so I’m not counting it. But we greatly appreciate its constancy.) That doesn’t seem quite right. But the current heterogeneous collection looks just fine, and we expect this existing set to perform well for a very long time to come.

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