I have long avoided Walmart for a number of reasons. They have a history of paying their employees poorly, and they squeeze everything they can out of their suppliers. On the other hand, they are undertaking a significant investment in solar energy, and they are engaged in an initiative to sell organic produce, which could give a boost to organic farmers and bring down prices for consumers.

And when one receives notice of a job layoff one reassess one’s priorities. Especially when one’s favorite allegedly upscale regional grocery chain is not known for its low prices and when the store isn’t really offering anything special.

Last week Terry and I swallowed our pride last week and went in to our local Walmart. It was good to have Terry along because she does a much better job of paying attention to prices than I do. On item after item Terry was impressed at how much lower their prices were than elsewhere. Our total bill was $36.30. Terry estimated that same purchase at our allegedly upscale regional grocery chain would be $50.00.

As Terry said, “I guess we’re going to stop being snobs.”

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  1. Back when things got so bad for us after the 2008, I realized voting with one’s pocketbook and certain aspects of social justice came with privilege. Lose the privilege, lose the ability to be quite as picky about where one shops. *sigh*

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