email annoyances

I’ve had this problem with Outlook for a while.

When I start up my computer and open Outlook it will sometimes just hang and not receive anything. Then I go rename the Outlook.srs file (as I read I should do) and reboot. I’ve disabled most of the add-ons, but that doesn’t seem to help. Sometimes I can go a week or two without this happening, but recently it happened two days in a row. Very aggravating.

I got up on Saturday morning hoping for some quiet blogging time only to be faced with this issue and have all of my blogging time eaten up by trying again to find a resolution. The advice I’ve found online for the most part I have either done or is not helpful.

On Sunday I installed and set up the free, open source Thunderbird from Mozilla, but I wasn’t ready to make the switch. So I also took one last shot with Outlook. I greatly reduced the size of my mailbox file. I also cut back on the number of filters that direct email into a specific folder. And I’m giving the computer a good, long time to start up and get all of its processes going before I open Outlook.

This week: so far so good.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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