The Hungry Eye

Reading The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry made me think of my hometown bookstore, The Hungry Eye. It was on Florida Avenue, Hemet’s main street. I bought a few supplemental books there for a high school class or two, but mostly I went in for my personal reading pleasure. That was during the time when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was big, and we were all reading it. Paperback houses were reprinting every nineteenth and early twentieth century author who wrote in a genre even vaguely resembling Tolkien’s. Those books were all there. But there were plenty of other books in the store as well. The owner was also happy to special order.

A small Italian restaurant and pizzeria opened up a couple doors down, so what better way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon than browse books at the Hungry Eye and then get a bite to eat nearby. At least at those times when my finances allowed.

An interesting note. Steve, the owner, was a long-time valley resident, and used to own an auto parts store. So while he sold me books when I was in high school, he had sold auto parts to my dad when he was in high school.

A different time, to say the least.

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