comfort food

I use my Yahoo! email account to send myself recipes that I want to add to our recipe database. It’s simple and convenient. Most emails get handled the next time I’m updating the database, but some sit there for a while. One of those was a piece from Cooking Light on 20-minute comfort food recipes. That’s mostly because there were 35 different recipes that I needed to sift through. Under current circumstances, however, comfort food seemed like a good idea, so I dug in and selected a number of recipes for our collection. (And while I was at it I added a category for comfort food.)

One of those recipes was Speedy Chicken Potpie. Given the twenty minute theme it was really a stove top faux chicken pot pie, where the pie crust was to be cut into strips and added to a soup or stew-like dish containing chicken pot pie-type ingredients. It occurred to me, however, that it wouldn’t be that much more work to make a proper chicken pot pie. So after doing the stove top work, I put the ingredients into our stoneware quiche dishes, making sure as little of the broth got in as possible, covered them with Trader Joe’s pie crust, and put them in the oven at 400° convection for 15 minutes.

I know a recipe is a success when Terry says, “You can make that again!” I was pleased with the result myself.

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