what’s that?

I’m sure that every family has their cryptic phrases and abbreviations that no one else would understand.

One of those for us is “DSS.” It stands for Dog Secure State, after we have closed the dog door at night. As in, “I’ll go do DSS,” or “Do we have DSS?”

Where did that come from? When we first moved to Gilroy we had DirecTV, and they offered the NASA channel. The channel would broadcast the live feed from the space shuttle and the communications with Mission Control. At the end of the work day the crew would power down the shuttle and prepare for the sleep cycle. Like every other routine activity on the shuttle it was referred to by an abbreviation. It must have been “something-S-S,” and I believe that the final “S” meant “state.” We picked it up.

I think DSS must have been preceded by “CSS” when we had my long-time cat Clea, though I can’t say I remember that explicitly.

It sounds a bit silly, but I think every household must have something comparable.

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