(virtual) duct tape

My blog friend, Tahoe Mom, wrote about how her stage manager skills served her well at a picnic she helped organize. Her secret of success at the event, as well as in her long career as a stage manager, was, se wrote:

quoteOrganize, delegate, make rather quick decisions
and keep your eye on the duct tape.

That struck a chord with me. I realized that those are the same skills I employed as a Web content manager. I posted a response to her blog and told her that. She responded, “Even the duct tape part?”

Absolutely. Even the duct tape part. I can’t tell you how much HTML virtual duct tape I and my content team applied to the Web portal over the years.

So here’s to finding a new position in the world of Web content management, virtual duct tape and all.


long ago

My cousin LeeAnn’s mother was my maternal grandmother’s sister. I therefore saw her and her sister Mary at family events with some regularity. LeeAnn is a lot of years older than me. In advance of my birthday she posted on my Facebook wall an anecdote about me that took place when I was very young, which I will refrain from reproducing here in order to save myself considerable embarrassment.

She did however mention the old Methodist church in my hometown of Hemet. It was on Florida Avenue, the main street, at Buena Vista Street. She wrote, “It was just a short walk down the street [from my grandparent’s house] to the church and it seemed so big to me. Do you remember it as being so big?”

In fact, I do.

I was comfortable in the preschool classroom in the basement of the church. I’m told I was singing “see you later alligator” when we were supposed to be singing “Jesus loves me.” But the sanctuary was big and massive and scary and intimidating.

We moved to Barstow in 1960. The church property was sold to Hemet Federal Savings and Loan, and by the time we returned in 1963 the building was gone, replaced by a big, shiny, new S&L building with a large time and temperature display. It is now an office building for the City of Hemet.

We came back from Barstow to a new Methodist church complex at Mayberry and Buena Vista, where the church remains today.

menu planning

Over the last several years when I was working from home, I have done most of the cooking for dinner, and generally planned out the menu for the week. I tended to plan the week, at least Monday through Wednesday or Thursday, in my head. Perhaps it’s those brain cycles that have been freed up due to my being in career transition, but it struck me recently that it didn’t make a lot of sense to try and maintain that plan in my head. Why not write it down?

Right. Write it down. What a concept!


Sacred Music Friday: A Song of Peace

One of my long time favorites.

A Song of Peace, Jean Sibelius. Don Neuen conducts at the Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta.

my state of mind

I was not expecting to be in a state of career transition on this milestone plus one birthday. Those things happen, however, and I continue to work the plan, as one of the Webinars from the career transition firm suggests.

There are up and down moments, but that is normal. There is plenty to keep me busy, and I am keeping busy.  I have a good package from my former company, and I am looking at this as an opportunity to engage in something new and different and enjoyable.

This past Sunday’s lectionary Gospel reading was the passage in Matthew about Jesus walking on water in the storm (Matthew 14:22-33). Fr. Phil had a useful insight about that passage and the storms in our own lives.

quoteStorms are not the only weather condition.  There can be many other weather conditions which are more supportive of human safety. So, do not let the storms define the totality of all weather conditions.  In the human sphere, do not let loss, pain, failure or threat, define the totality of life.  The total good outweighs the total bad; it is just that the bad is such a deprivation of the good that it yells out and gains attention beyond its actual strength.

My life is far from being all storms. I am grateful for that and need to make sure I hold on to that thought.

P.S. Since it is my birthday, and since I am looking for a new position, I hope you will indulge me and allow me to share my business card with you. If you happen to come across an employer who is looking for someone with my skills and experience, please do send them in my direction.


priorities: another perspective

Sometimes the comic strip Lio is kind of strange. But sometimes the kid gets it right. This is one of those times. (Yes, I read books on my iPad Kindle app, but the concept is the same.)


a trend gaining momentum

When we had our solar power system installed we used The Solar Company, and we have been very happy with the results since then.

The leader in volume installations these days, however, seems to be Solar City, part of the Elon Musk empire. Residents in our area have been adding solar panels to their homes with some regularity of late, and almost invariably I see those distinctive green and white Solar City trucks in front of the house.

Whoever is doing the work, it is good to see. There is the issue of how the utilities pay to maintain the infrastructure when people’s meters are running backwards, but the California state legislature last year passed legislation that allows the public utilities commission to address that.

And if we’re reducing the strain of the grid, that’s a Good Thing.