glad to have it back

You’re aware that we switched from DirecTV to cable back in 2011. Our Verizon DSL Internet was slower than dial-up, and we had to do something about it, particularly since Terry was working out of the house and I was working almost exclusively from home as well. We knew it to be fruitless to talk to the cable company about Internet without including television service also, and anyway we were sick of DirecTV’s death by a thousand small cuts policy of minimal but annoying annual price increases.

So we made the switch. We’ve been happy with the decision, and there has been almost no down side. We even gained access to a couple of the Monterey television stations, which was nice.

The one thing that I missed, and I had continued to miss up until now, was that our cable company didn’t have The Cooking Channel. As I wrote at the time, I enjoyed the Cooking Channel because they actually had cooking shows, rather than the reality and competition programming found on the Food Network.

For the past six weeks or so our cable company has been barraging us with reminders that they were going all-digital on 26 August, and that we should get set-top boxes if we didn’t already have them. (We did.) When they sent out the new channel guide I noticed that the Cooking Channel was one of the new additions. I didn’t dare get my hopes up, because the package and tier names listed on the guide were all new, and I didn’t know whether Cooking Channel would be part of our package.

As you can appreciate, one of the first things I did when I turned on the television on Tuesday 26 August was to see if we got The Cooking Channel. We did.

Am I 100% pleased? Well, no. They do throw in some of those reality and competition show reruns from Food Network. But am I mostly pleased? Absolutely.

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